Getting Hung Up not Hungover on Dry January 2023

Getting Hung Up not Hungover on Dry January 2023

Dry January campaign banner from Alcohol Change UK with the title "Dry January: Are you in?".

With so many proven health benefits and alcohol-free drinks on offer, there has never been a better time to join the Dry January campaign than now. 

After the festive period many of us may have felt overwhelmed by the large amount of food and drink that we consume leaving our bodies a little worse for wear. Whether you’re hung up on choosing to lay off some pounds, giving into peer pressure to take part with friends or looking for a better way to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it’s worth taking a look at the benefits of Dry January.

So how can thirty days of sobriety really help you this January?

What is Dry January?

    Back in 2011 Emily Robinson decided to take on a month-long, alcohol-free lifestyle change as part of her training for a half-marathon. The following year Emily decided to take part again, only this time, she started working at Alcohol Change UK and everyone wanted to know what it was really like to live alcohol-free for the whole of January. Hence, the idea for Dry January was born and the first campaign launched in 2013!

    Fast-forward to last year, over 130,000 people in the UK signed up to take part in Dry January and now in 2023 the campaign is celebrating its 10 year anniversary!!

    Why take part in Dry January?

    Research conducted by the Global Drug Survey found that 40% of [Britons] had increased their alcohol intake due to stress about the pandemic. Whilst taking part in a month-long sobriety may seem like an eternity to some, the health benefits of Dry January tend to be life changing, both in the short and long-term. 

    Reducing stress and poor mental health problems

    Substituting for alcohol-free beers, wines and spirits

    In today’s society, we are lucky enough to have access to so many alcohol-free drinks. Take the consumer brands that have dominated the ’no-and-low’ market in recent years. For example, Heineken chose to market its Heineken® 0.0 beer at the UEFA Europa League and Formula One in 2017 followed by Heineken’s “Cheers or No Cheers” Dry January campaign in 2022. 

    Another retailer to consider is Ocado who saw a 32% increase in its range of no/low products in 2022 alone. It is clear to see that positive publicity from the likes of Heineken has prompted an increase in ’no-and-low’ product demands in large supermarkets and online retailers making these alcohol-free products more readily accessible. In turn, highlighting how taking part in Dry January has become all the more achievable!

    How can I monitor my progress this Dry January?

    There are many resources available for you to track your progress. Alcohol Change UK offers a TRY DRY app and coaching email subscription so that you can feel supported during Dry January. So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge today and try Dry January out for yourself! 

    More information about Dry January 

    For further information on Dry January, check out the Alcohol Change UK website today, or to see some of our other blog articles, check out Twenty-Two’s blog page today.

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